POSTER SESSION: next normal


Prof. György ALFÖLDI DLA / Budapest, H
BME Department of Urban Planning and Design / Urban Future LAB / research platform




How did Normality Appear in the Urban Environment in Different Eras? 

It seems as if the motto is about the recovery of the present, about our desire for a „normal” life in cities in a post-pandemic world. But in this part of the world, wasn’t this always the case in the 20th century? The past century has been shaken by various cataclysms such as wars, revolutions, epidemics, crises and, regime changes. Cities could never live in peace continuously for more than 20-30 years, they always had and have to recover after some kind of crisis.

The DOCONF conference series – Facing Post-Socialist Urban Heritage – explores and monitors the new cityscapes, built and natural environments which were the results of the changes in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. 

The POSTER SESSION focuses on these changes, drawing an arc from the mid-20th century to the present day. It investigates how the urban environment reflected or was supposed to reflect normality appeared in the urban environment in different eras. What kind of new constructions were built on the site of the building complexes destroyed during or demolished after cataclysms? It could also be interesting to examine how the perception of these buildings changed during the regime changes after 1989. In 2020 our city life was affected strongly once again – this time by a pandemic. It has rewritten the use of our buildings and public spaces. The search for the “Next Normal” is timely again.

During the DOCONF2021 meeting, research posters will be exhibited at the BME, and an opening with a discussion will be organized open to the public. Please, prepare your proposal for a poster (250-300 words about the research topic, method, visualization), and after the submission period, we will publish the final poster (and video) template for the authors of the accepted proposals.