final programme


5th OCT 2023 / THURSDAY / only for participants and guests!
venue: BME, 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3. / 2nd. floor room 10

17:00pm – 18.00pm BME guided walk
18:00pm – 21.00pm OPENING

Prof. János LEVENDOVSZKY DSc / Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, BME

Dr. Bálint KÁDÁR PhD / Vice-Dean for Science, Faculty of Architecture & Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, BME

Dr. Melinda BENKŐ, habil. PhD / Founder and Chair of the DOCONF conference series, Associate Professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, BME & Head of Standing Committee on Urban Planning and Design, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


6th OCT 2023 / FRIDAY / open to the public!
venue: BME, 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3. / 2nd. floor room 10

9:00am – 11:00am LEISURESCAPES
Chairs: Dr. Domonkos WETTSTEIN PhD / BME, Budapest, Hu & Dr. Dániel KISS PhD / Zürich, Ch & Dr. Federica VISCONTI PhD / Naples, I

Ágnes BERTYÁK / BME, Budapest, Hu / co-author: Dr. Kornélia KISSFAZEKAS PhD / Hu-BME
Border situation – case study of Őrség area, Hungary

Elena ANDONOVA / Madrid E / co-author: Prof. María Cristina GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ PhD
“Sur les pavés, la plage!” Societal self-management shaped leisure, post-socialism denounced it: a case study of SRC Treska, North Macedonia

Kinga SÁMSON / BME, Budapest, Hu
The bittersweet story of the Hungarian amusement parks

Alexandra Ioana RADU / Bucharest, Ro
Painting the Postcard – Sunset on Commercial Centers, Bars and Restaurants, Romania

Ruxandra BALCANU / Bucharest, Ro
(RE)Use of communist sports public spaces in Romania

Gabriel SILVA DANTAS / Budapest, Hu / co-authors: Mayte ALEJANDRA CUESTA TABARES & Dr. Réka Ildikó BÁTHORYNÉ NAGY PhD / Budapest, Hu
Green-Regeneration of Modern heritage: The role of Green Infrastructure in Urban Morphology

Károly ZUBEK / BME, Budapest, Hu
Late modern architectural heritage of Balatonalmádi in the online space


11:30am – 1:30pm INDUSTRIAL SITES
Chairs: Dr. Árpád SZABÓ DLA / BME, Budapest, Hu & Dr. Willeminj Wilms FLOET PhD / Delft, Nl & Prof. Angelica STAN PhD / Bucharest, Ro

Dóra SZUSZIK / BME, Budapest, Hu
Making acquaintance with a stranger. The patterns of the late modern buildings in the towns of Hajdú-Bihar County

Ana Ileana ABOS / Cluj, Ro
The transformation of the city centre image after 1948: A case study of Toplița and Tg. Mureș

Daria VOLKOVA / Weimar, D
“Leave It For Now, It Will Hold On For a While ”: Slowly Unpacking Crisis of the Infrastructure in Mass Housing Neighborhoods of Aktau

Yiping ZHANG / Gent, Be / co-authors: Prof. Yves SCHOONJANS & Prof. Gisèle GANTOIS
Informal Transformation of Socialist Living Space:  Village of Powers in Harbin, China

Jana KUBÁNKOVÁ / Prague, Cz
Transformation of large housing estates in northwestern Bohemia as a necessary prerequisite for the resuscitation of a structurally affected region

Uroš ANTIĆ / Niš, Sr / co-author: Dr. Ljiljana JEVREMOVIĆ PhD
Effects of post-socialist industrial brownfields transformation on the revival of the historic urban network – a case study in the city of Niš, Serbia

Ildikó LIHĂT / Bucharest, Ro
Brownfield Regeneration Possibilities for Supporting and Developing Green Infrastructure, Railways as green corridors, Transylvania, Romania


Chairs: Dr. Melinda BENKŐ habil. PhD / BME, Budapest, Hu & Prof. Miles GLENDINNING PhD / Edinburg, Sco & Dr. David TICHY habil PhD / Prague, Cz

Bence BENE / BME, Budapest, Hu
Are they Urban Injections? : comparing the small-scale socialist housing estates in Budapest

Olesya CHAGOVETS / Kharkiv, Ukr / co-author: Dr. Anastasiia BOZHENKO PhD
From workers’ settlements to mass housing estates: evolution of post-socialist city (Kharkiv case)

Mariia TUMUREEVA / Karlsruhe, D
Renovation of mass residential development

Mihajlo STOJANOVSKI / Skopje, NMK / co-author: Dr. Ana Ivanovska DESKOVA PhD
Buildings, parks and humans: The case of Aerodrom Neighborhood, Skopje

Ondřej CHUDÝ / Prague, Cz
Value and financial valuation of the transformation of modernistic housing estate’s structure

Liudmila SLIVINSKAYA / Dortmund, D
Using Photography to Approach Space and Place in Mass Housing Estates

Olga SUSLOVA / Marne-la-Vallée, F
Continuities and Anti-Continuities of Post-Socialism: a Case of the worker’s settlement Narvskaya Zastava in Saint Petersburg, Russia


7th OCT 2023 / SATURDAY / open to the public!
Venue: KÉK, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 10-12.

9:00am – 11:00am PUBLIC SPACES
Chairs: Prof. Endre VÁNYOLÓS DLA / Cluj, Ro & Dr. Melinda BENKŐ habil PhD / BME, Budapest, Hu & Prof. Aleksandra DJUKIĆ PhD / Belgrade, Srb

Krzysztof GROCHAL / Kraków, Pl
Spatial integrity of the socialist planned cities in Hungary. Comparative study of their urban cores.

Dániel VASS / Cluj, Ro
Socialist-era civic centers in Romanian cities. Miercurea-Ciuc: a case study.

Anna Kornélia LOSONCZY / BME, Budapest, Hu
Traditional, modern, or contemporary? – a main square’s search for identity, District IV, Budapest

Júlia BÖRÖNDY / Budapest, Hu
Introducing walking interview as a methodology to explore gendered socio-spatial relations – A case study, Budapest

Valentina FESENKO / BME, Budapest, Hu / co-authors: Dr. Krisztina SOMOGYI PhD & Dr. Árpád SZABÓ DLA
Public spaces analysis of Budapest’s Klauzál Square with a focus on perceived safety

Iva LOKAS / Belgrade, Srb / co-authors: Dr. Zoran DUKANIVIĆ PhD & Dr. Jelena MARIĆ PhD
The Impact of Mixed Culture on Open Public Spaces in urban areas: A Case Study of Mega – Block 70, New Belgrade

Rania Mohammad MATROUK / BME, Budapest, Hu / co-author: Dr. Shaha Mazen MATEIH PhD / Pécs, Hu
Mobility network in Post-Socialist Mass Housing Neighborhoods: Case Studies of Havanna and Kőbánya-Újhegy Housing Estates from Budapest


11:30am – 1:30pm HERITAGE
Chairs: Dr. Bálint KÁDÁR PhD / BME, Budapest, Hu & Prof. Richard KLEIN PhD HDR / Lille, F & Dr. Veneta ZLATINA-PAVLOVA PhD / Sofia, Bg

Flóra PERÉNYI / BME, Budapest, Hu
The legibility of the socialist cult building’s memorials. The case study of the Labour Movement Pantheon in Budapest

Irena DRAGIYCHEVA / Sofia, Bg
The Place of the Civil Rituals in the Post-Socialist City

Zsófia DOMBROVSZKY / BME, Budapest, Hu / co-author: Balázs KEMES DLA
Experimental Infrastructure of the Socialist Houses of Culture in Hungary

Dimitra JEZDIMIROVIĆ / Novi Sad, Srb
Facing Yugoslav memorial parks in three case studies in the Republic of Serbia

Bálint BALÁZS / Budapest, Hu / co-authors: Iván Zsolt BERZE, Prof. György ALFÖLDI DLA, Prof. Andrea DÚLL PhD DSc
Perceived attractiveness of the city’s features among residents: A case study in Nyírbátor, Hungary

Agne GABRENIENE / Vilnius, Lt
Soviet-era projects that did and did not happen in the historical site of Šnipiškės in Vilnius

Dr. Gábor OLÁH PhD / Budapest, Hu
From young city to historic city: the heritagisation of Pest city centre

János KLANICZAY / BME, Budapest, Hu
Valorising Architecture by Developing Place Attachment in the case of 20th Century Heritage


The full papers of the DOCONF2023 will be published in the e-proceedings soon:

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