The registration will start after July 01.

Please, fill this form:

The registration fee is 75 eur / person. It partly covers the publication process and the catering during the two conference days and conference diner on the 9th of Oct. (the remaining amount is paid by the Organizers). So if you are the only Author (75), if you have a co-Author but he/she won’t participate at the Doconf in person (75), if both of you will be present in Budapest (2×75). Otherwise, the program is funded by the BME Department of Urban Planning and Design, the BME Faculty of Architecture, the Foundation for Urban Design, and other potential sponsors.

And free of charge if you are Chair (with or without paper), Guest, or doctoral student/candidate, employee of the BME Department of Urban Planning and Design.

We will issue an invoice for everyone, but there is a possibility to get it in advance (before the bank transfer, if your institutaion is paying your fee). In that case, the transfer must be received by September 15th at the latest.

If for you it is enough to get the invoice after the payment you have to transfer the amount to this address directly:

Városépítészetért Alapítvány

GIRO NUMBER: 10702215 – 48212302 – 51100005

IBAN NUMBER: HU73 10702215 48212302 51100005