Dr. Julianna SZABÓ PhD / Budapest, H
BME Department of Urban Planning and DesignCohousing Budapest Association / E-Co-Housing

Dr. habil. Aleksandra DJUKIĆ PhD / Belgrade, Sr
UNI-BE Department of Urbanism / LinkenIn / Researchgate

Dr. Darinka CZISCHKE PhD / Delft, Nl
TU Delft / Co-Lab Research



New Collective Experiences in the Central and Eastern European Housing Sector

As a result of (re)privatization of the housing stock, the growth of social disparities, and the one-sided housing policies, a distorted housing market has developed in most of the cities in the post-socialist countries, generating problems in affordability, mobility, sustainability, etc. Community housing initiatives could be a solution to these issues in many aspects. Despite their low proportion on the housing market in Western Europe, many researchers see community housing as a realistic and promising alternative to the traditional urban housing sectors, and especially to the single-family model. They could offer an alternative to urban real estate developments or the state or municipal social rental housing sector, melted to a minimum in these countries. However, experience has shown that the co-housing movement faces accumulated difficulties and show little practical results in the post-socialist region. 

Community housing experiments show a very heterogeneous picture in their philosophy, architecture, organizational and financing forms, community building methods, depending on the different housing traditions, legal framework, and housing policy trends of the countries. In this session, we are looking for researchers who are partners in founding an east-west European co-housing think-tank. Our topic is the analysis of the new experiments, the general obstacles to community housing experiments, and the creation of new models. We are waiting for abstracts on the following topics:

– the use of community housing models in urban development, especially in urban renewal processes,
– urban development, real estate policy, and housing policy instruments supporting community housing,
– participatory planning methodologies in community housing models,
– financing models of community housing models, methods for affordability,
– organizational and social models of community housing,
– experiences of co-housing development from the socialist period,
– co-housing for ageing population and multigenerational community,
– is co-housing the future of design?
– co-housing – sustainable community.